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Are Dental Veneers Right for You?

Apr 13, 2023

A good smile has a significant impact on your confidence, how you view yourself, and as a result, how you interact with others throughout the course of the day.
While excellent dental hygiene keeps your mouth healthy, each smile is unique, including color, shape, and genetic factors that can affect your smile.
Fortunately, when it comes to your teeth and getting that confident smile, there are options available. Cosmetic dentistry may be your best choice to get your desired look and smile. A great option to shape your smile is with dental veneers.


What Exactly Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are a thin layer of tooth colored material applied to the surface of the tooth.

Cosmetic veneers can fix discolored, chipped, broken, or crooked teeth. They also change the shape and appearance of teeth and fill gaps to produce a more consistent smile. Your dentist will match the color of the new veneers as closely as possible to your natural teeth.

The dental veneer process is simple. It begins with a dental checkup to establish if you are a good candidate for these cosmetic options. Then, to guarantee an even bonding surface for the veneer, your dentist will remove a thin layer of tooth enamel.

Your dentist will evaluate the type of veneer required and will apply it to the tooth’s surface enamel after it has been prepared. This will create a long-lasting bond.


Characteristics of a Good Candidate for Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a great solution for many dental patients. Let’s look at some characteristics of a good candidate with dental veneers.


Overall Dental Health

When you have good general oral health, you have more alternatives as far as treatments and procedures to get that perfect smile.

Gum disease, excessive tooth decay, and other dental disorders reduce the tooth’s ability to give a good surface on which to glue to a veneer. A history of teeth grinding while sleeping can also pose a problem. Furthermore, if your jaw or teeth are misaligned, the porcelain veneer will be put under additional strain and it could break.


Healthy Tooth Enamel

Because dental veneers attach to the enamel, a suitable candidate needs to have enough healthy enamel to support this.

Since the dentist removes a thin layer of enamel before applying veneers, the layer underneath has to be strong enough to hold them in place. Without it, the veneer won’t stick or bond effectively, and will compromise its overall function and lifespan.


Discolored or Stained Teeth

Teeth whitening procedures, whether performed in-office by your dentist or with over-the-counter kits, are popular ways to improve your smile. While these treatments are effective for curing both mild and moderate discoloration, deeper stains may not always respond as well.

Dental veneers can conceal dark stains on the exterior enamel or interior discoloration caused by previous fillings, or cavities.


Minor Cosmetic Adjustments

Dental veneers can mask minor cosmetic concerns like malformed, chipped, or cracked teeth. They are a faster, more convenient treatment than crowns or other dental alternatives.
Veneers are one of the best solutions for addressing concerns with one or more of your teeth.


Maintaining your Veneers and Oral Health

Dental veneers can make a huge impact on your smile. However, you must practice good oral hygiene to maintain healthy teeth and gums. This includes scheduling regular dental cleanings and exams, and regularly flossing and brushing your teeth.


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